Get all coordinates between two points Swift 5

There are an infinite number of coordinates between two points, so we are going to build a formula so that you can get your coordinates in an array as per your uses.
Note: We are going to get all the coordinates in the straight direction, not the route wise.
Use the below code to get the coordinates.
// Change the latitude and longitude with your coordinates
let startPoint = CLLocationCoordinate2D(latitude: 28.6071126, longitude: 77.3737327)
let endPoint = CLLocationCoordinate2D(latitude: 28.607601, longitude: 77.376250)

let yourTotalCoordinates = Double(5) //1 number of coordinates, change it as per your uses
let latitudeDiff = startPoint.latitude - endPoint.latitude //2
let longitudeDiff = startPoint.longitude - endPoint.longitude //3
let latMultiplier = latitudeDiff / (yourTotalCoordinates + 1) //4
let longMultiplier = longitudeDiff / (yourTotalCoordinates + 1) //5

var array = [CLLocationCoordinate2D]() //6
for index in 1...Int(yourTotalCoordinates) { //7
    let lat  = startPoint.latitude - (latMultiplier * Double(index)) //8
    let long = startPoint.longitude - (longMultiplier * Double(index)) //9
    let point = CLLocationCoordinate2D(latitude: lat, longitude: long) //10
    array.append(point) //11
print("all your coordinates: \(array)")
1: It is the number of points which you want between start and end locations. If you want 100 points then change it from 5 to 100.
2: This is latitude difference between start to end.
3: This is longitude difference between start to end.
4, 5: These are the multiplier for latitude and longitude. We have added here + 1 so that last point will not overlap with the end location.
6: Create an Array to store the points.
7: Run a loop to the number of points.
8, 9: Start from the beginning create a latitude and longitude.
10: Create CLLocationCoordinate2D object using above latitude and longitude.
11 Add this point in the array.

Adding annotation on the Map

We can add annotations on map using the above coordinates with below code.
let startPointPin = MKPointAnnotation()
startPointPin.title = "Start Point"
startPointPin.subtitle = ""
startPointPin.coordinate = startPoint

let endPointPin = MKPointAnnotation()
endPointPin.title = "End Point"
endPointPin.subtitle = ""
endPointPin.coordinate = endPoint

self.mapView.centerCoordinate = startPoint
let region = MKCoordinateRegion(center: startPoint, latitudinalMeters: 200, longitudinalMeters: 200)
self.mapView.setRegion(region, animated: true)

for (index, coordinate) in array.enumerated() {
    let lastP = MKPointAnnotation()
    lastP.title = "\(index + 1) Point"
    lastP.subtitle = ""
    lastP.coordinate = coordinate
Now your MapView will look like below.

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