UIView shadow and specific corner radius Swift 5

Using CAShapeLayer and UIBezierPath we can easily add shadow and corner radius to UIView and the class derived from it like UIButton, UIImageView, UILabel etc.
We will add UIView Extension and the good point of this is, you only need to write just one line of code to achieve this.
Bonus point: you can round specific corner as well Just add below UIView Extension in your project:
import UIKit

extension UIView {
    func addShadow(shadowColor: UIColor, offSet: CGSize, opacity: Float, shadowRadius: CGFloat, cornerRadius: CGFloat, corners: UIRectCorner, fillColor: UIColor = .white) {
        let shadowLayer = CAShapeLayer()
        let size = CGSize(width: cornerRadius, height: cornerRadius)
        let cgPath = UIBezierPath(roundedRect: self.bounds, byRoundingCorners: corners, cornerRadii: size).cgPath //1
        shadowLayer.path = cgPath //2
        shadowLayer.fillColor = fillColor.cgColor //3
        shadowLayer.shadowColor = shadowColor.cgColor //4
        shadowLayer.shadowPath = cgPath
        shadowLayer.shadowOffset = offSet //5
        shadowLayer.shadowOpacity = opacity
        shadowLayer.shadowRadius = shadowRadius

Now just write below code to add shadow and corner radius
self.myView.addShadow(shadowColor: .black, offSet: CGSize(width: 2.6, height: 2.6), opacity: 0.8, shadowRadius: 5.0, cornerRadius: 20.0, corners: [.topRight, .topLeft], fillColor: .red)
1: Create a UIBezierPath using size and corners
2: Assign this UIBezierPath to CAShapeLayer
3: It’s background color of UIView, default is white
4: This is shadow color, change it as per your uses
5: This is shadowOffset change is as per your uses

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1 comment on “UIView shadow and specific corner radius Swift 5

  1. Pemouf

    Hi !
    If I use this function in UIImageview, the image isn’t “clipsToBound” and it is behind the shadow layer.


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